Step 3: Add the checkout script or use Shopify Functions

You must be using Shopify Plus to integrate with Intelligems using the Checkout Script. If you are not on Shopify Plus, you will use Shopify Functions instead. This will be configured for you automatically based on your Shopify plan. If you are not on Shopify Plus, skip this step!

The checkout script will change slightly each time you set up a new Campaign or Campaign test, so you will need to edit it each time you are ready to launch a new Campaign.

Follow the below steps to add the Intelligems Campaigns checkout script to your Scripts Editor.

  1. In your Shopify admin, go to Apps and click on Scripts Editor.

  2. If you already have a Line Items script, you can create a copy and edit it. Make sure our script runs first so that discounts get applied in the correct order. If you do not already have a Line Items script, create a new one.

  3. Copy the loop found under the Checkout Script button in the upper right corner of your Campaigns overview page in the Intelligems app. Paste that into your script editor in Shopify. Save and publish the script.

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