๐Ÿ“ฆShipping Test Suggestions

The Flat Fee Face-Off

Ever since Amazon made free shipping the norm, many brands have felt like they had to move in that direction. But what if higher shipping rates didn't actually affect your conversion rate and you could put that cost back onto the customer? You'll never know unless you test it out.

What this test design might look like:

Control Group

Slightly Higher


Flat Shipping Rate




The Threshold Trials

In line with the above test, some brands have have moved towards free shipping over a certain threshold to keep customers from finding another seller that does offer free shipping, as well as to increase AOV. If you're not already doing this, you could test a few different thresholds out, and if you do already have a threshold, you could test a higher and lower threshold (or a couple higher/lower) to try to find the sweet spot. Check out this case study on a brand who recently ran this type of test and found a ~6% increase in AOV and ~12% increase in revenue per site visitor!

What this test design might look like:

Control Group

Lower Threshold

Higher Threshold

Highest Threshold






We recommend taking a look at a histogram of your order values for the last month (or more) when deciding what thresholds to test. For example, if a majority of your orders come in around $90-$100, but your current threshold is $50, you may want to consider testing out a $100 threshold to push people to add one more item to their cart.

The Combo Deal

Maybe you've tested your product prices and your shipping fees, but now you're curious how those two elements interact with each other. If you fold shipping prices into the product and provide free shipping for everyone, do you see an increase in conversion without losing shipping revenue?

What this test design might look like:


Group A

Shipping Price

Free Over $50

$3 Under $50

Free Shipping

Product A Price



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