Multi-Currency Testing

Run price tests in different currencies

Intelligems allows Price Testing in any Shopify supported currency. Each currency that a store will be testing in will require it's own test set up in the Intelligems app.


Creating a Test

Creating a multi-currency test is generally similar to any other Price Test, with a few key changes to note. If you are not familiar with setting up a Price Test, please see our article here.

Select a currency to test on the Set Details step in the Price Test wizard

This option will not be available until an Intelligems team member has enabled this for you.

Set your prices in the selected currency.

Control prices are not automatically converted to your selected currency, so be sure to verify that each cell displays the desired test price in the currency you will be testing in.

Autofilling test groups based on control prices is not available for multi-currency tests.

Currency Targeting

Currency targeting is set to your selected test currency by default, and will not be editable directly in the targeting section.

QAing your Test

This will be generally the same as QAing any other Shopify Plus Price Test. You can see our checklist for QAing a Price Test here. Please also keep the below in mind:

  • Make sure you're testing with the Intelligems Checkout Script. If the script is not published, confirm you're previewing the draft script.

  • Make sure you're previewing the test with Intelligems' Preview Mode, and that your store's selected currency matches the test's currency.

Starting a Test

Your prices need to be set to the highest priced test group in order for the test to run properly. Before the test is started, we prompt you to download a price CSV that you'll in turn upload either to Shopify Markets or Global-e. We ensure that the correct prices are included in the downloaded CSV.

You cannot have a product in more than one experiment if the experiments are set to the same currency. If so, the test will not start.

Pausing or Ending a Test

When pausing or ending a test, you'll be prompted to download a CSV with the prices that you want to roll out either while the test is paused, or permanently. You'll need to upload the file with the new prices either to Shopify Markets or Global-e.

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