Image Find & Replace

Use Intelligems' Image Find & Replace tool to tailor the images visitors see based on their test group.

What is Intelligems Find & Replace?

Intelligems Image Find & Replace allows you to adjust the images featured on your site based on a visitor's test group. You will select where you want to update images and what the image should be for each group.

Why would I need to use Image Find & Replace?

Image Find & Replace is a lightweight tool that makes it easy to show specific images per test group. Image replacements are set up directly through Intelligems, without the need to edit any HTML!

How to set up up an Image Find & Replace?

  1. Click the Edit button and Select the Image Find & Replace icon in the bottom left of the widget.

You can hover over this icon to see if you have Image Find and Replace enabled. If the icon's background color is gray, that indicates that this mode is not currently enabled.

  1. You will now notice that images on your page will have the Image Find & Replace icon on them. Click on any element with that icon to update or remove it.

  1. Once you have clicked on an element you will see a modal pop down from our widget. This modal includes all of your test groups and the images associated with that specific test group. Notice that the selected image that will be changed is outlined in green.

Note the checkboxes at the bottom of each image. Neither of these need to be checked for this feature to work.

  1. To use an image url from the web (like a google image url) you can copy and paste that url directly into the text input box. If you want to upload a photo from your Shopify account you can click the button labeled Select Image from Library. This will reveal a modal that contains all images you have uploaded to your Shopify account. Click any image that you would like to upload.

Remember that these images will be tied directly to a test group. Make sure you are replacing the correct image based on the test group.

  1. Make sure to hit the Save button on the widget to apply your changes to the page.

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