Testing Prices with Subscriptions

This document shows how to set up Intelligems if you want to test prices and you're using Recharge 2.0 or Stay.ai.

This article only applies if you use Stay.aI or Recharge (Unified Checkout aka 2.0) and you are using Shopify Plus

Step 1 - Authorize the integration

In the Intelligems App, navigate to "Integrations" on the bottom left.


In the Integrations page, click "Enable" next to the Recharge icon. If instead of "Enable" you see the word "Refresh", your integration is already enabled and no need to take further action!

Then click "Install" when you see this screen.


You need to create an API key from your Stay.AI dashboard. Log into Stay, under Settings > API keys, create a new key.

  • Name: Intelligems

  • Description: Used for Intelligems <> Stay Integration

  • Email: Your email

  • Scopes: All

Then Copy the API key into the Intelligems dashboard into the Stay.ai API key

Step 2 - Create a new price test

Follow the instructions for creating a price test as normal. Make sure to do this AFTER you have authorized the integration with your subscription provider. If you have not, you should create a new test from scratch.

Step 3 - Preview and test

Assuming you've already done a price test integration, you should be good to go! Just preview your test to make sure that the prices are displayed correctly in both groups.

Handling custom widgets and UI

If you're not using a standard widget from your subscription provider on your PDP, our onboarding team would be happy to help integrate your own custom UI with Intelligems. It's relatively straightforward, we just need to identify the PDP elements identified in this example screenshot.

If you have questions, reach out to support@intelligems.io and we'd be happy to help!

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