Shipping Progress Bar Integration


Intelligems offers a progress bar for Shopify carts / slide-out carts that shows visitors how much they have left to spend before reaching free shipping. The progress bar can be used as part of a shipping threshold test (visitors will be shown the correct bar based on their test group) or outside of a test.

You'll need the Intelligems JavaScript snippet added to your theme in order to render the Intelligems shipping progress bar. If you haven't done so, see our integration guide here.

Step 1: Add the progress bar to your Shopify theme

Paste the following code snippet into your Shopify theme code, in the theme file that renders your cart. This file may be called something like cart.liquid, slideout-cart.liquid, etc. We recommend adding this code snippet at the top of the section that relates to your cart:


If you already have a progress bar, remember to comment out the existing progress bar to avoid showing two!

Step 2: Customization / Styling

You can customize the Intelligems Cart Progress Bar in the Sitewide Widgets tab under the Widget Library. Some examples of stylizing options available include:

  • Bar Styles

  • Bar Colors

  • Text Options

Integrating with Rebuy Carts

  1. Create a Rebuy custom smart cart template. Follow this article for instructions.

  2. Edit the template to replace the Rebuy progress bar with the Intelligems progress bar. See Step 1 above.

  3. Add the subtotal class to the Shipping Progress bar settings in the Intelligems app. See Step 2 above.

Using the progress bar outside of a test

Under the Global Settings section in the Progress Bar Settings, use the toggle to enable the widget and fill in the "Default Threshold" to set the free shipping threshold when there are no live experiments. This allows you to continue using the Intelligems Cart Progress Bar even when you are not running a test. For example, if you set the Default Threshold to $25, the Cart Progress Bar will display free shipping over $25 when there are no tests running. To hide this progress bar when no test is live, toggle the widget off.

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