Ending a Shipping Test

Follow these steps to end a Shipping Test in the Intelligems app.

The contents of this article are only relevant if you are using the Intelligems Carrier Rate Implementation of the shipping test. If you are using checkout scripts to run your shipping test, please reach out to Intelligems support to end your test!

Step 1: Press the stop button.

To end a test, navigate to the A/B Tests tab in the menu on the left-hand side of the Intelligems portal. Once there, locate the test you'd like to end in the Intelligems tests console. Click the stop button.

Step 2: Configure the shipping rates in Shopify to roll out.

Navigate to Settings โ†’ Shipping and Delivery from within the Shopify admin console and choose Manage Rates for the shipping profiles you'd like to update. Update to match what you'd like to roll out.

Step 3: Update your progress bar, if applicable.

If you used the Intelligems Progress Bar during your test, either:

1. Keep the Intelligems progress bar live on your site and make sure the Default Threshold is configured properly to reflect the winning group that was rolled out. This can be done under "Widget Library" > "Sitewide Widgets" > "Edit". 2. Disable the Intelligems progress bar by setting the default threshold to 0. Make sure to add another progress bar back to your site if you choose this option.

Step 4: Update any references to the shipping policy on your site, if needed.

Often these are addressed using the Intelligems Find and Replace feature during the test, but will revert to whatever is configured in your theme once the test has ended. If you've chosen to roll out a new shipping fee, you will want to change these in your theme. A few spots to check include:

  • Banner Text

  • Shipping Policy Page

  • FAQ's

We recommend executing all steps of these instructions as concurrently as possible to ensure a seamless experience for your store's customers!

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