Anti-Flicker Modes

Intelligems adds an anti-flicker functionality to reduce the performance impacts of our javascript by default. Therefore, please do not async or defer your Intelligmes script; this is handled internally and will cause flashing on your site if added.

Anti-flicker Modes

Intelligems offers two anti-flicker modes:

  1. Element-specific anti-flicker (default). This will temporarily hide all price elements selected during your integration.

  2. Page anti-flicker. This will temporarily hide all site content.

The best mode will likely depend on your individual site; try out both and see which works best. Add the below snippet above the Intelligems script tag to enable mode (2).

ย  ...
    window.igSettings = {
        hideBody: true

    // Script must below:
    <script src="<your_customer_id>.js"></script>
ย  ...

My Site is Still Flashing

The default configuration above works for most sites. However, if you are still experiencing flashing on your site, please reach out to our support - we have several internal tools we can use to help reduce flashing further.

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