Find & Replace

Use Intelligems' Find & Replace tool to tailor visitors' on-site experience based on their test group.

What is Intelligems Find & Replace?

Intelligems Find & Replace allows you to adjust site copy for site visitors based on their test group. You will select where you want to update text and what it should say for each group.

Why would I need to use Find & Replace?

If you're running a price test, Intelligems will automatically update prices on collections pages, the primary price on PDPs, in the cart and at checkout. Similarly, if you're running a shipping test, Intelligems will automatically display a rate at checkout. Find & Replace is typically not required for these elements.

Find & Replace is typically used to update copy that may be hard coded into your theme and does not pull from a Shopify product variant (in the case of a price test) or from your shipping settings (in the case of a shipping test). Some examples of where you might use Find & Replace include:

  • Announcement bar / banner where a price or shipping offer is displayed

  • Hard-coded prices on landing pages or PDPs

  • Shipping policy page (for shipping tests)

  • Shipping announcement on a PDP

How to set up Find & Replace

From within the test setup flow, navigate to the 'Find & Replace' step and select 'Yes', you will see the below pop up, and clicking open will take you to your website with Find & Replace mode enabled. Make sure that you have the Intelligems script installed in the theme you are testing.

To add a new replacement:

1. Click the Edit button and Select the cursor icon in the bottom left of the widget.

2. Once you have selected that, you will notice that as you move the cursor over different elements on the webpage, they will become highlighted in purple. Click on an element you are wanting to update or remove. From here you can edit wither the raw text or the HTML / CSS.

3. Once you have clicked on an option, a pop up will come up that looks like the below - this is where you will define what each test group should see for the selected element. In addition to specifying what text the group will see, you also have the option to simply remove the element or leave as is.

4. Click 'Done'. Continue the process above to add new replacements until all necessary locations are updated.

5. Once you are done adding Replacements, be sure to save your work using the button in the top right!

In the 'Find' field, the text is case sensitive. You may need to use your browser's inspector tools to determine the case of the text you're replacing. Some fonts render as ALL CAPS but the source text could be lowercase or Mixed Case. Need help? Please reach out to

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