๐Ÿ’ฒCurrency Targeting

What is Intelligems Currency & Country Targeting?

Intelligems currency and country targeting allows you to limit your test to a single currency and/or a list of specific countries.

Your store must have Shopify Markets enabled or use localization. Intelligems currently supports Cookies: Shopify Markets (cart_currency), localization (localization), Global-E (GlobalE_Data), and Coin Currency App (coin-currency). If you do not use one of these cookies, please reach out to Intelligems Support.

How does Intelligems Currency & Country Targeting work?

  • A user can go from excluded to included if they meet the inclusion criteria within their first 3 page views of your store. After their initial page views, if a user is excluded they will remain excluded for the duration of that browsing period. An excluded user's page views and orders will not be included in the test results.

  • A user can go from included to excluded if they no longer meet the inclusion criteria at any time during their browsing period.

  • By default, all users will be included in the test unless otherwise specified.

What types of tests can I use Intelligems Currency & Country Targeting for?

Currency & Country Targeting is available for all test types!

  • For Price Tests, you will see that the ability to change the Currency & Country Targeting is unavailable - Price Tests will only run in your store's default currency. If you are looking to run Price Tests in non-store-default currencies, please see our Multi-Currency Testing doc.

  • If you would like to set up Country Targeting for your Price Test, please reach out to support@intelligems.io and they can help you set this up on the backend.

Example of Intelligems Currency & Country Targeting

Currency targeted to USD: In this example, customers shopping in USD and located in the selected countries will be included in the test. Users who do not meet the currency and country requirements will be excluded from the test.

What experience will non-store-default visitors have in a Price Test?

Non-store-default visitors will not be included in test analytics

Non-store-default visitors will be exposed to the following prices:

For Price Tests using checkout scripts or functions:

  • If your non-store currency prices are auto-converted -> non-store-default visitors will see converted prices of the highest price in the test

  • If your non-store currency prices are manually set -> non-store-default visitors will see your manually set price

For Price Tests using duplicate products:

  • Non-store-default visitors will see the control price

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