Ending a Price Test

Follow these steps to end your Price Test.

Step 1: Press the stop button.

To end a test, navigate to the A/B Tests tab in the menu on the left-hand side of the Intelligems portal. Once there, locate the test you'd like to end in the Intelligems tests console. Click the stop button.

Step 2: Roll out prices.

Once you click Stop, a modal will pop up with the option to have Intelligems update your Shopify prices - we recommend saying Yes to this. If you'd like Intelligems to roll out prices from one of the test groups, select that group and click Yes, Update My Prices and End Test.

  • If checkout scripts were used to create the test, prices for the products in Shopify will be updated and Intelligems scripts will no longer be applied.

  • If duplicate products were used to create the test, prices for the original products in Shopify will be updated, if needed, and traffic will no longer be directed to the duplicate products.

If you'd prefer to manually update your prices, choose No, I'll Update My Prices in this modal. Choosing this option will keep your prices as they are in Shopify.

  • If checkout scripts were used the create the test, the highest prices in the test will remain in Shopify. This is because the checkout scripts methodology relies on discounts to show different prices in each group. The Intelligems script will no longer be running, so all customers will see the highest price in the test.

  • If duplicate products were used to create the test, prices for the original products in Shopify will remain the same (this is often the control group), and traffic will no longer be directed to the duplicate products.

If duplicate products were used to create the test, when you end the test, you also have the option in the next modal between:

1. Immediately archiving the duplicate products.

2. Archiving the duplicate products after 48 hours. If you choose this option, they will still be set to the Active status in Shopify for the following 48 hours, though we will not send any new traffic to them. We recommend this option so that if a customer has a duplicate product in their cart, they will still have a seamless checkout experience.

3. Leaving the duplicate products set to 'Active' until you choose to change the status in Shopify directly. You can select this option by clicking outside of the pop-up where you select when you want products archived.

Step 3: Update marketing as needed.

Did you role out new prices based on the results of the test? If so, you will want to do a thorough sweep of anywhere you may include prices - think emails, social, advertisements, etc.. While you may have used Find & Replace to change the language in these locations during the test, you will want to update it again to match the new prices going forward.

Step 4: Update subscriptions as needed.

If checkout scripts were used to create the test, there is no action needed here! By default, subscriptions will continue to run at the price the user signed up at, which may not always be equal to the price on your site. For example, if you ran a test where the subscription price was $10 for one group and $8 for another and I signed up for the subscription in the $8 group, I would continue to pay $8 monthly, even if the $10 price point is rolled out to the entire site post-test.

If duplicate products were used to create the test and you offered subscriptions on them, you will need to merge the duplicate products with the original products within your subscription provider to ensure anyone who signed up for a subscription on the duplicate product is not impacted. If you use Recharge, this article will walk you through the process to do so. If you work with another subscription provider, we recommend reaching out to their support team for information on how to bulk update products.

When reaching out to your subscription provider's support team, we recommend saying something along the following, as well as including a spreadsheet similar to the below with a row for each product that has subscriptions and was duplicated for the test:

Hello Support,We’re looking to do a bulk swap of products/variants tied to subscriptions for Store Name. I’m attaching a spreadsheet which maps the current product / variant IDs to what they should be updated to in Subscription Provider's backend. We’re doing this because the current products are going to be deleted.Please let me know if you have any questions, or if this is something I can do on our end.

Product Title

Current Product ID

Desired Product ID

Current Variant ID

Desired Variant ID

Duplicate Product A





Duplicate Product B





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