How to Add Product Groups to Intelligems Analytics


By default, analytics will display for all products. For certain tests, it may be beneficial to look at the results for certain product groups, or even get as granular as looking at the results for individual products. To do this, you can use the Product Groups tab in the Analytics Dashboard. This does require you to set up Product Groups first by following these steps.

Step 1: Download the COGS template from the Intelligems App

As the name states, this template is typically used for uploading COGS, but it is also used to upload Product Groups. Feel free to upload both COGS and Product Groups at the same time! You can find the template in the Settings tab under your plan options. When you click "Download Template" you will see the download process at the top of the app. Once it is processed, click "Download" and open the file in a spreadsheet editing tool.

Step 2: Using a spreadsheet editing tool, populate the 'productGroup' column

Input Product Group information into the productGroup column for each product and variant. How you set your product groups up is fully customizable - a few common ways we see brands use this feature include:

  • Creating a product group for each unique product

  • Creating a product group for each category (i.e. shirts vs pants vs accessories)

  • Creating a product group for different price or size tiers (i.e. travel size vs. 8oz vs. 32oz)

Step 3: Save your file and upload it to Intelligems

Before saving your file, convert the product_id and variant_id from scientific notation to unformatted number notation (No commas, No decimals). Many spreadsheet editors default to scientific notation, but an upload will fail if IDs are not converted.

Formatting IDs in Excel

In Excel, choose "Number" formatting, and then remove the decimal places.

The ID should look like: 10732173902

Formatting IDs in Google Sheets

In Google Sheets, choose "Plain Text" formatting.

The ID should look like: 10732173902

Once you have added all data and converted the product_id and variant_id columns, save your file. See below for a list of best practices to keep in mind when saving your COGS files:

  • A file saved with a .csv extension will convert any numbers in scientific notation to rounded numbers and cause information to be lost. Be sure to convert all numbers from scientific notation to unformatted numbers (i.e. 12345678890) before saving a document as a CSV

  • A file with multiple tabs cannot be saved as a CSV. If you added a second tab to your file, consider saving the file in another format that allows for multiple tabs, like .xlsx

Once you have saved your file, head back to the settings tab in the Intelligems app. Select the button to 'Upload COGS CSV' and upload your file.

Step 4: Analyze Product Group results in the Intelligems app

Product Group data will be available 1-2 hours after you have uploaded it.

Once the data has been uploaded, you'll be able to track the experiment's impact by product group in the Product Group tab. See more here for the analytics included under the Product Group tab.

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