Adding Intelligems Script to your Theme


Adding the Intelligems Script to your site is the most important step to getting started with testing with Intelligems! Adding the Intelligems Script to your site is the only mandatory integration step for Content, Shipping and Campaigns testing, and is the first step to integrating for Price testing. There are two options below for adding the Intelligems Script to your site.

Option 1: Add to your theme code

This is the preferred option for installing the Intelligems Script!

To complete this, head to the settings page in the Intelligems app. Once there, you'll see a section called "Theme Script" - click the blue button in that block that says "Copy Script". This will copy your unique Intelligems script to your clipboard.

Now head over to your Shopify account, and paste the Intelligems Script as a source into the <head> of each of these files:

  • theme.liquid

  • any other theme.*.liquid files (e.g., theme.gempages.liquid, etc.)

  • checkout.liquid (if you have this file, most themes do not)

This will need to be manually removed if you uninstall Intelligems.

Option 2: Use the App Embed Block

This will load Intelligems async, which is not recommended in most cases because you may see a "flicker". Option 1 is the preferred method for limiting flicker.

For performance concerns, see our docs on performance optimization.

The fastest way to add Intelligems JavaScript to your theme is to enable it in the "Customize" section of your theme. You can do so by logging into your Shopify Admin, and navigating to Sales Channels > Online Store > Live theme - Customize > App Embeds. Search "Intelligems", make sure it is toggled on, and click "Save" in the top right.

If you are on Shopify Plus and are still using checkout.liquid, you will still need to manually add Intelligems JavaScript to your checkout.liquid file in order to hide the discount or preview bar at checkout. Your individual script tag is located on the settings page in the Intelligems App.

For any password protected store, we will not be able to automatically detect the script, so you will continue to get an error message in the app regarding the script not being in your theme.

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