How to Set Up a Price Test using Duplicate Products and Skio Subscriptions

Learn how to set up a Pricing Test using duplicate products and Skio Subscriptions.

Testing subscriptions often requires a more involved integration and setup than typical price tests. As a result, we recommend having Intelligems perform the integration if this is something you would like to test. Reach out to for help!

Prerequisites: Prior to setting up your test, please reach out to to confirm your account is set up with duplicate products and redirection, both of which will be required for you to price test.

Step 1: Set up test in the Intelligems app

Once you have confirmed the above with support, you can set up your test in the Intelligems app as you normally would! See our detailed guide here.

Step 2: Configure your duplicate products in Shopify

If you have not already, follow these steps to configure your duplicate products in Shopify.

Step 3: Add your duplicate products to your subscriptions in Skio

In Skio, follow these steps:

1. Go to Products on the left hand side.

2. Click Add product in the top right if you would like to add products one at a time, or Bulk operations if you'd like to add multiple products at the same time.

3. If you have opted to add products one at a time, find the product you want to add in the list and select it. Enter all of the required subscription information, and click Save in the top right. If you have opted to add your products in bulk, you have the option between uploading a CSV or bulk creating subscription plans.

Step 4: Confirm subscriptions are set up correctly

Once you complete step 3, subscription options should be available on your duplicate products. Confirm that they are working as expected by going to the Preview of your duplicate products from the Shopify admin.

Step 5: Consider any Skio workflows that may be impacted

Many brands use Skio workflows, such as Rules or Quick Actions, to accomplish various things. If you use any of these, make sure they are set up to work with your new duplicate subscription products.

Step 6: QA your test

Because tests that involve subscriptions have more moving pieces, we recommend spending some extra time on QA - follow this checklist to make sure you don't miss anything!

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