Campaigns - Getting Started

What are Campaigns?

Campaigns are Intelligems tool built to test your promotions, including things like volume based offers, gift with purchases and dollar or percentage discounts. Take the guess work out of your discount strategy by testing to see what offers work best, and then use Intelligems to run those offers in an evergreen manner to avoid discount leakage, and target the right channels and visitors to optimize your discount spend, and maximize your bottom line.

How does it work?

Intelligems uses Shopify Discount Functions to provide the offers you set up in the Intelligems app based on a user's test group. The necessary Function will be created automatically when you create a new Campaign or Campaign test in the Intelligems app, but will not be available to customers until you start your Campaign test or turn on your evergreen Campaign.

Intelligems also provides features to manage the onsite merchandising required for a discount or promotion. A few examples of this include:

  • Quantity selector buttons. If you are offering volume discounts on a specific product, you may want to use the Intelligems Campaigns Quantity Buttons to display the volume discount easily and allow users to quickly add multiple units to their cart.

  • A discount progress bar. If you are testing different discount thresholds, you may want to use the Intelligems Campaigns Progress Bar while your test or Campaign is live so that users are incentivized to spend more to achieve the next discount tier.

  • An onsite editor to display different language for each group. If you have any language on the site that mentions your offer, such as in your announcement bar or on the homepage, you can use the Intelligems Find & Replace feature to show the correct language for each test group.

How can I get started?

Before you can run a Campaign or Campaign test using Intelligems, you will need to add the Intelligems script to your theme - here is our help guide on adding that snippet.

Once the snippet has been added to your theme, see the guides below for more information on Campaigns:

How to Set Up an Evergreen CampaignHow to Set Up Campaign TestsIntegrating Merchandising Widgets for CampaignsUpdating Your Checkout Script for CampaignsRunning a Large Number of Campaigns with Shopify Functions

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