Intelligems does not swap duplicate product when adding to cart

This is applicable only to non-Shopify Plus stores. When adding a product that's being tested to cart, Intelligems should swap the duplicate product in that corresponds to the user's test group, unless the user is in the control group, in which case Intelligems will not swap. Some common issues that may cause this to not work correctly are:

  • The add to cart happened on a page where the Intelligems Javascript was not loaded, such as a landing page that Intelligems has not been integrated with. Check the page source or network traffic to ensure that the Intelligems JavaScript snippet is loading on the page. Learn more about adding the Intelligems JavaScript snippet to your theme here.

  • There's an error causing the Intelligems JavaScript to exit early. Check the JavaScript console for errors raised by Intelligems, and check the window.igData.errors object for any suppressed error messages.

  • The add to cart is happening via a mechanism that Intelligems does not support, or skipping add to cart altogether. Common examples include quick buy buttons, third-party apps that use Draft Orders or landing pages that use checkout permalinks.

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